Vendor Rules and Regulations
Disability Awareness Convention 2020

Thank you for being one of our valued vendors at the “Disability Awareness Convention 2020” on February 23, 2020. These are some rules, regulations, and guidelines for you to remember and follow for the event.

  1. Each vendor shall be provided with one 8’ x 30” rectangle table, two chairs, and two food vouchers for the event. Food vouchers can be redeemed at the events food counters. All other items must be provided by the vendor. If electricity is necessary, please contact immediately. Electricity is limited so we have to know as early as possible. We will allot electrical access in the order we receive requests. Please keep in mind that the Purser Center does not permit any open flames or anything on the walls in the event space.

  2. Vendors can arrive as early as 10AM on Sunday, February 23, 2020 at the Purser Center, Logan University and must be completely set up by the start of the convention by 12PM. Failure to arrive before 12PM may result in forfeit of your booth.

  3. Vendors may enter the premises to set up through the front entrances next to the parking lot. Please go to the vendor area and to your respective booth, which will be labeled with your respective table number and organization name.

  4. Vendors are recommended to stay for the duration of the event, which is 12PM - 5PM

  5. All vendors must have cleared their area by 8PM on the same day. Please do not move tables and chairs.

  6. The Arya Foundation reserves the right to require any vendor to remove a booth or any part of a booth which, in the sole judgement of The Arya Foundation, is misleading or deceptive, in poor taste, or unsuitable to or not in keeping with the character and objectives of the convention. The Arya Foundation also reserves the right to refuse space to any organization, individual, company, etc, that it deems inappropriate.

  7. The Arya Foundation is not responsible for injury, loss, or damage that may occur to vendors, their employees, agents, or property prior to or during this convention. The vendor, upon filling out the application form, expressly releases The Arya Foundation and its volunteers from liability, and the vendor further agrees to indemnify same against any and all claims due to such injury, loss, or damage. Each vendor must provide for safeguarding of their goods, materials, equipment, personnel, and display at all times.

  8. If any issues arise during the event, please contact one of The Arya Foundation volunteers immediately for further assistance.

  9. Thank you again for joining us at our event. We are so happy to have you with us. HAVE FUN!